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Since taking Ganoderma in April, I have experienced initial energy spurts and longer concentration. I have also started to detox, which will deal with various issues in the body, which can heal itself with patience. We give our 30kg, 13-year-old dog a half capsule of each, and she has improved greatly. She was limping with serious joint pain, becoming incontinent, and diarrhea. All those symptoms have gone after one month, and she is now jumping around again!
I was born with breathing difficulties, as was most of my father's family. The effects were severe and debilitating, necessitating large quantities of drugs. I was often confined to bed and hospitalized. I was pleased to have a vast improvement using kinesiology. Imagine my delight to find that the Ganoderma, which was taken for another reason, has made an enormous difference, and I am almost symptom-free.
In January, I was bitten by a White Tail spider, near the armpit, on the top of the arm. It was a big, red, weeping mess for 6 months. After one week of ingesting one pair of Gano capsules a day, I noticed a big improvement. After two weeks of applying the toothpaste, it was completely gone, with no scar. I have the energy to burn. I am working harder at 56 than I did in my 40`s! Ganoderma is fantastic
I began taking Ganoderma in March, and I am amazed at how well I am coping with my increasingly busy lifestyle!. All hail, Ganoderma!
What the heck is in this stuff? I started taking Ganoderma just 5 days ago for heartburn that I have had for years. Every time I had something, I would get heartburn. I tried all sorts of other pills and concoctions that only worked for an hour or 2. I have also noticed that I feel much better overall. All I can say is that if you get heartburn attacks, you should try Ganoderma as it has cured my heartburn.
Thank you for the Ganotherapy E-Book you have sent me. I searched on different websites to keep our bodies healthy and always at their peak until I found DXN RG and GL. I am very much thankful for these wonderful products. My family and I have benefited a lot. Thank You so much!
I have been using Ganoderma capsules for fifteen months. During that time, I have enjoyed increased energy levels and clearer thinking. Vastly improved immune system, and now my hair is growing to its natural color (silver disappearing). I do not use shampoo; however, I do use the Ganoderma toothpaste for teeth and gums and clean a mild bout of tinea (athlete's foot).
I had mercury toxicity, which affected my whole body, kidneys, ears, eyes, brain—also artery problems. When I started on the Ganoderma, I increased energy and better temperament, but shocking shortness of breath after 3 weeks. I maintained on 3 pairs a day until it passed. Now I have no more mercury toxicity, my teeth are improving, my vision, hearing, and breathing is all better.
I introduced to Ganoderma 3 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with the disease 3 years ago, causing bone deformity and pain. I was taking so many painkillers my skin broke out with rashes. My doctor said I would need injections to control the pain. Since I began taking the capsules, I am starting to hope, as my back- pain and leg-pain have disappeared, in fact, I am pain-free! I can hardly believe it.
Thanks to Ganoderma for helping me overcome my blood sugar level problem, which I had is now gone. Thank you – you're doing something great in helping others to wellness.